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How to Analyze Literature

The 2013 Dean's List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs -
The best blogs on MOOCs, cloud computing, mobile learning, social media, digital pedagogy and more.

BlogDash - Marketing through using groups of other bloggers.

Confused of Calcutta -
A blog about information. [Sample: "The Internet Contrives"]

E-Literate -
Don't miss a single article (click on link for RSS feed). If you need to catch up on what is happening with online learning, this is cutting-edge.

e-LIME -
Jottings on e-learning and on its application to medical education. (However, also applies to all on-line teaching.)

The Ed Techie -
Educational Technology, digital scholarship, open education, e-learning, plus some personal stuff thrown in. [Sample blog: "Twitter is your IT support."]

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory Blog [Sample blog: "Why Flip the Classroom, When It Can Dive Deep and Soar?" #dukesurprise w Cathy Davidson and Dan Ariely] 


Ian Bogost's Blog on Videogame Theory, Criticism, Design -
Ian Bogost is the co-founder of Persuasive Games designs, who builds, and distributes videogames for persuasion, instruction, and activism. There is so much good content on this Blog but it is impossible to describe: a cornucopia of good ideas on games, teaching, writing, and contemporary issues in philosophy! Amazing! ~Meg

Learning Log -
Annenberg Learner, A Place to Explore Teaching and Learning

Blogging About Blogging:

How to Become an Influential Writer in the Age of Author Rank -

How do I Start a Blog? - 

ProBlogger -
The content on ProBlogger focuses on monetizing your blogging efforts. The posts are thorough, thoughtful, and often feature either guest posts from other industry titans or discuss new thought leadership content being published. It's a great blog for both beginners and seasoned pros.

For Bloggers By Bloggers -
What better source for blogging advice than a blogging community? Get information from the front lines on this site to make every aspect of your blog better.

Blogging Tips -
This site is just what it sounds on blogging! The site is helpful because it understands the day to day problems bloggers encounter, and presents tips and tools to solve those problems and make blogging easier.

Blogussion -
With a tagline like "Blogging for the Mind" you better believe the folks at Blogussion are creating some cerebral content. This site is ideal for a more advanced audience looking to go beyond the basics of blogging.

Daily Blog Tips -
If you're wondering how to make money on your blog, this site will help you figure it out with tips on SEO, blog promotion, writing tips, and web design best practices.

The Blog Herald -
Where do bloggers go to stay up to date on news in the blogging world? The Blog Herald will ensure you're in the know on all the latest news and releases that bloggers need to know about to stay current in their industry.


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