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Must Be Right on Time

Much research is geared to people and events which happened at a particular moment in time, whether five minutes or thousands of years ago. – which "provides software that teaches students and supports teachers and librarians throughout the research process"  - identifies these search tools to use when timeliness of information is important: 


Google News

Top news stories auto-generated every 15 minutes


Worldwide news auto-generated every 5 minutes


Explore machine-compiled single image composed hourly of 100 words and pictures that "matter most" on a global scale


Yahoo News

One month archive with editor-created "roundups" in Full Coverage

World News Network

Click a category (below news item) to gather related news or images, select Mon-Sun to track story's development

Google News

Click on "related" (below news item) to see story's development


American Memory

Search America's primary source documents and images, browse by topic, time period, medium or place


Drill down into the history section or search fewer, broader terms (e.g., "terrorists" not "Righteous Path")

Digital History

High-quality historical resources, primary sources, multimedia, subject guides


Ancient History Sourcebook

Search online ancient-history texts, images, audio, or browse by region, period (e.g., Persia, Late Antiquity)


Drill down into ancient history section or search fewer, broader terms (e.g., "Greece" not "Spartan women")

Source:  Questia