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     "Brett Moller is head of learning and educational technologies at a private school in Queensland, Australia. He was working as a media teacher at his previous school when he used Facebook in a project with another teacher who taught religion. The religion teacher expressed a desire to use media more in his classroom, so Moller showed him Facebook. For several years, Moller had his students post their final films on Facebook. Brett connected with a group of media professionals who gave his students positive feedback about their films, all of which was done through Facebook." ~"Teaching in a Socially Networked Classroom"
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     New ways of sharing, across all of Google. (My personal fave. ~Meg) (Some questions can't be answered by Google, but wow, they're getting pretty good!)

     Free tool to check Google™ page ranking of any web site.

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     And share it live in real time.  

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      [From their website] NoodleTools provides innovative software that teaches students and supports teachers and librarians throughout the entire research process.  Search intelligently; Assess the quality of results; Record, organize and synthesize information using online notecards; Format your bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian style.

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     [From their website] A web-based service that enables individuals to manage the production, publication, promotion, and sales of electronic books (ebooks) and related digital content.

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     [From their website] Open source reference system and rendering engine for EPUB® publications. EPUB is the industry-standard open format for eBooks and digital publications. The latest version, EPUB 3, is based on Web Standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, and the DOM. The overall aim of the Readium project is to ensure that open source software for handling EPUB 3 publications is readily available, to accelerate adoption of EPUB 3 as the universal, accessible, globally digital publishing format.

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     Helps you find the best websites for study and research.


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