Panel Seeks Ties between Science and Religion

A Poem


Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D.



panel meets today
                                     to see if God's in DNA.
                                     I wonder what it means
                                     if they find him in our genes.
                                     The very thought's appalling
                                     so many miss their calling.
                                     On the other hand,
                                     for those who're truly wise
                                     it'd come as no surprise
                                     that the Devil really dwells
                                     in the center of our cells.

Author Bio:

Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D.

Deb teaches English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Her poetry has appeared in New Millennium Writings, Literary Lunch, Number One, Yemassee, Knoxville Bound, Stowaways, Low Explosions:  Writings on the Body, Eva Mac, and Outscape.  In the spring of 2002, she won the poetry prize for the literary journal Yemassee.  She currently lives in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  This poem is from her new book of poetry, Heart Language.  (With permission.)

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