Leland LeCuyer

Leland LeCuyer is a high concept and visionary thinker whose independent mind and focus on integrity make his contributions of special value as a founding member of SynaptIQ+.
  • Leland was a founding member of Maryhouse, a Catholic community supporting homeless and distressed women in New York.

  • Worked as a nursing assistant caring for terminally ill individuals at St. Rose’s Homein New York.

  • Instructed philosophy at Boston College.

  • Typeset a series of books on Greek philosophy.

  • Served as editor and designer of the Boston Computer Society’s Macintosh newsletter, The Active Window, transforming it into a feature magazine.
  • Managed IT, specializing in integrating Macintoshes into Windows’ networks, alternating work in the corporate sector and universities
He has worked in varying capacities for Little, Brown and Company book publishers,Time Warner, Brandeis University, Lands’ End, The University of Wisconsin (Madison), and Agfa Monotype

Leland is that rarest of devil’s advocates who continually appeals to the better angels of our nature!

The Social Business Model
"Social media changes everything." 
By Leland LeCuyer

Humans are social animals. Two hundred years ago, before multinational corporations had formed, business took place face-to-face between buyer and seller. Through the modern business power of advertising, mass media and global distribution, coupled with big-box retailing, people learned to happily hand cash over to complete strangers on the authority of a brand...

"Is your company
ready for immediate responsiveness?"