Critical Thoughts - LIST

Choose which ideas you would like to think about.  You can start at #1 and go through the course that way, or start anywhere you like:

    1.  “There is a conflict between science and religion.” 

    2.  There is a lot that is right about America,

    3.  All history is the history of class struggles.

    4.  Free speech doesn't matter anymore.

    5.  There is a spiritual dimension to reality.

    6.  Truth is relative.

    7.  God is dead and we killed him.

    8.  Price is a form of free speech.

    9.  “Music is a barbarous expression of the soul.”

    10. There is no such thing as human nature.

    11. “The concept of evil has no place in a modern society.”

    12. “Americans live in the most oppressed sexual culture in world history.”

    13. “We are bits of matter forming a big machine that turns and whirs in pre-determined ways. The universe is entirely material, mechanistic and deterministic and the here and now is all there is.”