(Some business, some training, some interesting, some more academic.)

     30 Myths About Online Education -

     ChowHound -
     Helps people find restaurants in their location in real time.

     Clever Commute -
     Share information in real time with people on your commute.

     Definition of a Liberal Arts Education (Berkeley) -
     2009 Do You Know? -
     How to understand what is happening in our world now.  (Updated year to year.)

OEdb -
     236 Open Courseware collections.

     EpiCurious -
     "For people who love to eat."

     FastCompany -
     "Where ideas and people meet."  Great place to go to get your thinking juices flowing.~Meg

     Online Video Guide  -
     Organizes information for you.  How-To guides online from everything on How to Meditate to How to Sleep! ~Meg
     MORE news about your neighborhood.
     Revision 3 -
  Says it is "Best TV on the Internet."  [From their website]  "Revision3 is the leading television network for the internet generation. We create and produce all-original episodic community driven programs watched by a super-committed and passionate fan base."

     Semantic Search -
     [From their website] Rather than using ranking algorithms such as Google’s PageRank to predict relevancy, semantic search uses semantics, or the science of meaning in language, to produce highly relevant search results. In most cases, the goal is to deliver the information queried by a user rather than have a user sort through a list of loosely related keyword results.

     Sharing PDF's -
      All about sharing PDF's. ~Meg
     State of the Internet 2009 -
     On Vimeo.

     US Department of Labor -
     Find out your interests.  Find out information about work you might enjoy.  Take classes in those areas.  Free.

     US Small Business Administration -
     [From their website] The U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Postal Service bring you Delivering Success—video interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share the lessons they’ve learned about owning a small business.
     US Small Business Training Network -
     Has training in how to run a business, how to win Federal contracts, and lots more.

     US Small Business Planner -
     Wikileaks - 
     An organization that will print information anonymously.