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        Black Alliance for Educational Options

       [From their website] Goal 1: Promote High-Quality Educational Options Believing that every child deserves access to a high-quality education, BAEO champions reform strategies that address the urgent educational needs of our community and promise to close the achievement gap.

       Goal 2: Protect/Expand Parental Choice Programs

BAEO works to protect and/or expand existing parental choice programs by deploying stakeholders and supporters to implement effective strategies and tactics in collaboration with our allies; and in the process we continue to promote parental choice as a key strategy in the broader education reform movement.

       Goal 3: Promote New Parental Choice ProgramsBAEO promotes the enactment of new parental choice programs in states with high potential by deploying BAEO affiliates and supporters to implement effective strategies and tactics in collaboration with our allies.

        education rethink -
        One of my favorite postings from a terrific Blog on education, "edrethink," Twelve Things I Was Wrong About.
       Center on Reinventing Public Education
    [From their website] Improving education through transformative, evidence-based ideas.  Through research and policy analysis CRPE seeks ways to make public education more effective, especially for America’s disadvantaged students. We start from the premise that, too often, the structure of today’s public education system makes it difficult, if not impossible, for every family to have access to a school that meets the needs of their child, and for teachers and other adults to achieve the goal of providing an outstanding public education for every student.
       Education Week
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       Example:  [From their website] The Minerva Project, with its big hairy audacious goal to launch a new Ivy League tier university with campuses around the world, has announced the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education, which will be awarded every year to one faculty member, regardless of university affiliation or research field. Nominations will be accepted through November 30, 2013; the winner will be announced in May 2014.
       Transfer thinkers into creators.

       Our mission is to inspire and support families to champion their children's education - at school, at home and in their community. We are a national non-profit with offices in San Francisco, Milwaukee, Washington D.C. and Indianapolis. [From their website] 

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       National Center for Educational Statistics


         The facts are stark: roughly a quarter of American children fail to finish high school.  [From their website] That number translates to nearly one million young people leaving classrooms for the streets, every year.

An American without a high school diploma is virtually guaranteed a lifetime of low earnings and poor health, and is at high risk for incarceration.

We believe our country’s failure to prepare kids for productive adulthood is a persistent civil rights issue that poses a grave economic challenge to American prosperity and productivity. Access to a quality public education is a basic human right – one we are dedicated to protecting. Stand for Children works across the country – from the classroom to the Capitol – to mobilize Americans around a common goal of improving the odds for American children.

We believe ALL children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Education is the key that unlocks the door to success. Far too many children, through no fault of their own, aren’t getting the education they need to make it in life. We are passionately committed to righting this wrong.

Our mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education. To make that happen, we:

Educate and empower parents, teachers, and community members to demand excellent public schools.
Advocate for effective local, state and national education policies and investments.