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The Journal for Social Era Knowledge


Essay by Meg Tufano, M.A. (Winter 2012)

TECHNOLOGY AND OUR FUTURE | Essay by Colin Lucas-Mudd (Winter 2012)

GLOBAL CIVICS | Essay by Tathiana Flores-Acuna, Ph.D (Winter 2012)

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION | Essay by Michiel Kortals, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

GLOBAL CIVICS | Essay by Tathiana Flores-Acuna, Ph.D (Winter 2012)

Business Strategy

SOCIAL BUSINESS | by David Amerland (Winter 2012)

Fiction and Poetry

POETRY | by Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

SHORT FICTION | by Laston Kirkland (Winter 2012)

Panel Seeks Ties Between Science and Religion
POETRY | by Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

SHORT FICTION | by Laston Kirkland (Winter 2012)


 ARTISTIC EXPRESSION | Links to the Art in This Issue (Winter 2012)

Drs. Eva Mennes
Artistic Sponsor of The Journal for Social Era Knowledge
Aesthetics Editor 


SPONSORED EVENT | May 23, 2013 | 5 - 7 p.m. | Duin-en Kruidbergerweg 60 | 2071 LE | Santpoort-Noord | The Netherlands
Artists:  (De kunstenaars zijn):  Juliette van Bavel, Jop van Driel, Marten Groen, Ton Kalle, Marcin Karwinski, Philip de Koning, Kim Kroes, Irma Kuyper, Heleen Levano, Marie Lou Muskens, Tineke Nusink, Henk Rusman, Bert Schoeren, Teun van Staveren, Mariska Toetenel, Liedeke Veninga, Brigitte Wawoe, Ronald Westerhuis.

Volume 1, Issue #1 - December 1, 2012
Winter Issue

The Journal for Social Era Knowledge is a peer-reviewed journal, global in scope, but written in English (with occasional articles in other languages as needed), published online three times a year by SynaptIQ+.  Its purpose is to stimulate research and encourage business and academic exchanges for the advancement of social era understanding.  It also publishes short fiction, theoretical essays, best-practices in Social Era expertise, and empirical papers for those interested in the compelling questions engendered by the introduction of the Social Era.  

ISSN:  2169-6195