The Journal for Social Era Knowledge

Submission Requirements

The Journal covers a broad range of topics related to social era topics. It strives to present clear thinking by knowledgeable observers on important issues, written in English that can be read with ease and pleasure by both professionals and a broad general audience.  At the same time The Journal encourages new writers.  Please feel free to contact the editor, Meg Tufano, with questions or concerns:

We publish several categories of material.  Papers are 2,000-3,000-words that make a single, provocative point. Essays are more extensive 4,000 - 5,000-word pieces of analysis, observation or fiction that comprise the body of the magazine. Reviews of Books are 2,000 - 3,000-word discussions of new books. Responses offer 1,000-1,500-word commentaries on material that has been published in previous issues. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 500 words and may be edited for space and style if selected.

Discussions are continued on our Google Plus Page to bring experts together to hash out major issues in free-flowing discussions.

We welcome pitches and unsolicited manuscripts, considering them on a rolling basis rather than according to a fixed editorial calendar. All submissions should be accompanied by full contact information and a brief note describing the author's current and past positions, recent publications, and relevant experience. We do not have fact checkers and rely on authors to ensure the veracity of their statements. We try to avoid using footnotes and require APA Style, contributors should be able to provide appropriate citations for any facts or quotations their pieces contain. Unless otherwise informed, we assume any piece submitted to us is being offered exclusively and that no piece accepted for publication will be published elsewhere simultaneously in any form without our knowledge.

Link for APA Style (it's the easiest to understand and this is the style all academic Business Journals require):