Artistic Expression

     Pépé Grégoire

•  Bronze, entitled "Profile" / "Profiel"  

A line of sight, in which all the senses - hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch - come together.  A profile is therefore the antenna of feeling and as such also the most characteristic part of our personality.  All organs of sense laced as a string of beads, gathered it is the unique human profile. 

•  Photosculpture, entitled "Jaws 4

PhotoSculptures are uniquely designed and stylized sculptures in aluminum, furnished with a skin of photographic fragments. What do you see or what do you think you see? Absorbed in very clear details, you lose yourself in the complex game of space and colour, combined in a total image. The spectator will be confused as well as challenged by the effect. PhotoSculptures are a new concept developed, and worldwide registered by Pépé Grégoire.

•  Photosculpture, entitled "Architecture"
Various 'architecture' styles are combined in one sculpture. From the antique Egyptian temples, via the Angkor Wat temple to the very modern, high-tech architecture.

•  Sculpture, entitled "Happy View"  

A huge bronze arm and leg as pilars; the roof is formed by the hand grapping the foot.  A gate to a happy view!

•  Sculpture, entitled "Mindubbel"

•  Sculpture, entitled "Contrary Wind/Tegenwind"

•  Sculpture on cover entitled "Mirror Image/Spiegelbeeld (in Dutch)"

    Material: bronze / rvs mirror

During wintertime to be seen at the sculpture garden of Pépé Grégoire