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The Journal for Social Era Knowledge


Essay by Meg Tufano, M.A. (Winter 2012)

TECHNOLOGY AND OUR FUTURE | Essay by Colin Lucas-Mudd (Winter 2012)

GLOBAL CIVICS | Essay by Tathiana Flores-Acuna, Ph.D (Winter 2012)

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION | Essay by Michiel Kortals, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

GLOBAL CIVICS | Essay by Tathiana Flores-Acuna, Ph.D (Winter 2012)

Business Strategy

SOCIAL BUSINESS | by David Amerland (Winter 2012)

Fiction and Poetry

POETRY | by Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

SHORT FICTION | by Laston Kirkland (Winter 2012)

Panel Seeks Ties Between Science and Religion
POETRY | by Deborah Scaperoth, Ph.D. (Winter 2012)

SHORT FICTION | by Laston Kirkland (Winter 2012)


 ARTISTIC EXPRESSION | Links to the Art in This Issue (Winter 2012)

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Aesthetics Editor 


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Volume 1, Issue #1 - December 1, 2012
Winter Issue

The Journal for Social Era Knowledge is a peer-reviewed journal, global in scope, but written in English (with occasional articles in other languages as needed), published online three times a year by SynaptIQ+.  Its purpose is to stimulate research and encourage business and academic exchanges for the advancement of social era understanding.  It also publishes short fiction, theoretical essays, best-practices in Social Era expertise, and empirical papers for those interested in the compelling questions engendered by the introduction of the Social Era.  

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