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NEWS for Autumn 2014 Journal for Social Era Knowledge:

The art of Ria Nieswaag graced the pages of The Journal for Social Era Knowledge in the Autumn Edition, 2015. (See Journal link above.)

The SynaptIQ+ Think Tank is a body of independent experts providing strategic thinking, intellectual knowledge, and technology development on Social Era issues expressly designed to develop and manage change. We are dedicated to the belief that stove-piped thinking is the way of the past, and the best new ideas will come from a fertilization of ideas from a wide variety of subject-matter experts, from engineers to depth psychologists, from artists and fiction writers, to technical, academic and business thinkers.

Services: (By Engagement)

Research, Position Papers, Whitepapers
Case Studies, Case Use / Analysis, Essays, Instructional Design, Business Writing, Speakers Bureau, Editing, Website Content Development and Book Publishing

We engage in the research, study and discovery of solutions to Social Era problems, and facilitate interaction among business experts, scientists, scholars, artists and intellectuals in pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Current Studies:


Optimal Relational Pathways™ (ORP)

Robert E. del Sol has developed a simple suite of organizational and collaborative tools, skill-sets and know-how designed to effectively introduce adaptive frameworks, systems and workflows to help foster collaboration, trust and value in the Social Era. He lives in San Diego, California.


Yifat Cohen understands that if you begin with relationships, the good life will follow.  Whether they be online or off, relationships are what make the world go 'round. An expert in all things Google+, especially online video chats, the most important insight Yifat brings to our think tank from her vast experience in meeting people from around the world online is that there are some questions Google just cannot answer. We think of Yifat as our “Go-To-Gal” for online relationship questions.  We’ll bet you will too!  As part of the SynaptIQ+ Book Series published by S+™, Yifat and Meg Tufano are currently writing a book on Trust.  Why? Yifat’s answer: “Because that’s the most important element in all relationships, silly!"  (See Yifat’s recent contribution to the journal here.) She lives in San Antonio, Texas.


Susanne Ramharter is an academically trained Change Coach who originally studied art history, switched to IT Management, and has spent most of her career managing large projects, teams, and profit centers in the areas of IT, outsourcing, and marketing. Her experience has taught her that the facts or sequence of events are not always the root of success or failure, but, rather, understanding the stories about them and the relationships between those involved usually makes the most difference in finding the most creative way forward.

These insights led her to focus on understanding both the mindsets and narratives that influence the actions of corporations, their managers and staff, so as to help shape their growth. The Social Era and its possibilities are a great way to utilize and build on existing strengths and develop new ones. To that end, Susanne is very active on Google+ and Linked-In as well as other social media platforms and uses both to tell stories about art, business, mindsets, and just having fun. As part of the SynaptIQ+ Book Series published by S+™, Susanne and Meg Tufano are writing two books, one on Loyalty, and the other on Value. She lives in Vienna, Austria.


Drs. Eva Mennes is an expert in art and the history of art. Her foundation promotes and supports artists all over the world. Along with being The Aesthetics Editor for our journal, Eva writes about art for Diplomat Magazine. Eva researches the world of art to discover who is at the cutting edge of social era expression. She lives in The Hague, The Netherlands.


Meg Tufano, M.A. is a founding member and the owner of SynaptIQ+ and the publishing imprint S+.  She edits the think tank's journal and curates the explosion of information about online teaching and learning and other social era content (see link "Content" above.)  She is a college teacher of psychology, philosophy and critical thinking and is an expert in online course design, having taught college 100% online for over ten years. Meg lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She likes to dive deep and write about the permanent concerns of mankind. 


Led by Leland LeCuyer, a group of associates are thinking about the special ethical issues brought into play in every arena of life where social media and the Internet play a part. Leland lives in Virginia, USA.


David Amerland wrote the book on "Google Semantic Search" and "The Social Media Mind" and continues to provide insights into how our world is changing from the perspective of his expertise. He lives in London, England.

Shaker Cherukuri, MBA/MSEE provides Root Cause Analysis for large companies looking for a high-level insight into their business systems. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


    "A think-tank can be many things – but the best think tanks are ones that don’t just think. They are places where the solutions to America’s challenges are seen through the eyes of the people facing those challenges. They are places where making the idea real is just as important as having the idea in the first place. They are places that don’t assume they have all the answers – and listen to the voices and ideas of regular people in crafting strong, workable solutions."