If you loved Isaac Asimov, this book's for you!

Copy Me by Laston Kirkland

What people are saying about Copy Me . . .

“Laston Kirkland is a visionary writer; both creative and scathing. On a par the likes of with David Brin, Neal Stephenson, and Charles Stross.”

Jeff Jockisch

Director of Content

Cha Cha, “Stay curious. Question everything.”

“Touches that tight sweet spot between right now and the next technical leap with so little effort, one is left with the uncomfortable feeling he may be writing this from the future.”

John Kipling Lewis



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About This Book

Meg Tufano’s fiction writing reminds one of Maeve Binchy, Elizabeth Berg and Anne Tyler with a strong dash of Fannie Flagg (Fried Green Tomatoes) while establishing a voice that is all her own. She also manages to cleanly capture the voices of the heart of Appalachia.

In this award-winning novel, How I Started Drinking, divorced Maggie Bailey, Ph.D.² comes to rural East Tennessee to forget her rich and high-powered life in Washington, DC, while her ex-husband has some second thoughts, bless his little heart. The story weaves together the past and the present with her mountain ex-in-laws while Maggie learns that maybe when it comes to life, love, and liquor, her corn bread just ain’t done in the middle.

This is a poignant and light-hearted story about unusual friendships and the craziness of love and family in North America spanning The Vietnam War to 9/11. You will love this book if you enjoy warm-hearted or cold-hearted Southern characters, smart strong-headed women whose love-lives get them snookered into no-way-out corner pockets. And, maybe, if you like some interesting cooking recipes (included at the book’s end). A fantastic short read for those who love sex and/or drinking! WARNING–the sex is explicit!

In an international competition, Meg Tufano was honored with the distinction of the The Sue Ellen Hudson Excellence in Writing award by The Tennessee Mountain Writers, its top overall prize. They also awarded her novel, How I Started Drinking, Best Novel.

Bottom’s up!

“As you go skinny dipping with the snapping turtles in this hilarious novel, pour yourself a strong one! I loved How I Started Drinking!” ––Dr. Jane Oswald, author of Teaching in Black Holes in Space.

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